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San Martino Chestnut Night

Event Details

San Martino Chestnut Night comprises an authentic, homemade Italian meal prepared by our volunteer chefs followed by freshly roasted chestnuts for all to enjoy. Some children experience them for the first time and find it an acquired taste. With the support of members and non-members, we hope to carry on with this important cultural tradition for many years to come.

Learn More About San Martino Chestnut Night

Each November the Dante Club celebrates San Martino Chestnut Night. The event takes place on the closest Sunday to the actual feast day (November 11). San Martino, or Saint Martin, was a protector of the poor and the patron saint of soldiers who became one of the most beloved saints in Europe. More than 4000 European churches are dedicated to him and his name has been given to thousands of towns and villages. Parades are held annually and weeks before, children begin to prepare their paper lanterns for the procession. When it starts getting dark, people light their lanterns hanging at the end of branches.


At the head of the procession there is often a "St. Martin" on horseback, wrapped in his cloak and ready to cut it in half to share it with a poor beggar.  San Martino was also the patron saint of wine and wine-making and symbolizes the day when the first sips of the new batch can and should be tasted. 


This is a family event at our club and children of all ages are encouraged to attend. Hands-on activities are also provided for their entertainment.

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